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The pursuit of science is at its best when its a way of life. -- on the foundation stone of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai.

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Research interests Bioinformatics/Computational Biology (B/CB), Systems Biology (SB), Tumour/Cancer Biology (TB), Data Mining (DM), Databases (D), and Theoretical Computer Science (TCS)

Research highlight: issue 131 (pages 89-91) of International Innovation (Healthcare) 2014, Research Media (EU).


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I gratefully acknowledge funding support from the following sources:
AACR-Susan G. Komen Scholar-in-Training award to Sriganesh Srihari (2015)
The Ian Potter Foundation (Australia) travel funding (#20160303) to Sriganesh Srihari (2015)
Australian NHMRC grant (#1080985) to Drs Peter T. Simpson, Mark A. Ragan, Nicola Waddell (2015 - 2018)
IMB Travel Award to Cold Spring Harbor Asia meeting, Suzhou China to Sriganesh Srihari (Sep 2013)
Australian NHMRC grant (#1028742) to Drs Peter T. Simpson and Mark A. Ragan (2012 - 2015)
NUS SoC Travel Award to International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Florida USA to Sriganesh Srihari (Dec 2008)
NUS PhD Research Scholarship to Sriganesh Srihari (2008 - 2012)